The Coalition for Coffee Communities (CCC) is proud to launch a new effort to create a lasting structure and program built to shift the development trajectory among coffee communities for generations to come.


In order to:

  • coordinate multiple coffee supply chain actors to have a strong impact on social, environmental and economic sustainability;
  • better channel financial resources; and 
  • coordinate/shape policy to positively affect coffee communities. 

we will:

  • lead collective action to address gaps;
  • develop landscape strategies;
  • build financial leverage to address needs/assessment outcomes; and
  • engage on policy.

What’s our intended outcome?

  • Reducing redundancies in implementation by creating better visibility to activities within a given landscape
  • Increasing total investment dollars by providing coordinated entry points for funding
  • Improving the return on investment dollars by ensuring clear and comprehensive strategies and greater coordination between actors has stronger impact
  • Strengthening stakeholder bargaining power to influence policy